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This is a collection of things I come across on the internet. I'm Rose- I read all the time (on my Kindle or real books, whatever). I also watch a lot of TV. Sometimes I write bad haikus or actually blog about my life, I'm a mix of reblogs and my own content.
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I graduated from UCLA in 2013, had my fun in Los Angeles, and now I'm back in Northern California trying to make the best of it.

For 2014 I'm working on a reading project that is basically just me blogging about each book I read this year. To find all my posts in one place, click here

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Raoul this is for you buddy 

This has really been speaking to me as of late.

This is always very pertinent to my life….!


Lykke Li FT A$AP Rocky - No Rest For The Wicked (Remix) (New)

‼️ red alert!! cute baby butt!! ‼️

I got to be cake decorator!

I got my summer clothes out of their storage box and all of them still fit! Hooray for small miracles

And then I walked down to cvs and got some Easter basket goodies for Chris’ mom, who is throwing a huge family brunch tomorrow. And tbh I feel like the focus is always on the baby and never on the lady who pulls everything off… So I made a gift bag!

Oh so I wore my shorts around. That’s the point of this. I feel cute! Tummy and thighs and all. I’m ready for Hawaii next month!

Or if not selfies, actual original text posts

On my walk to work, H and 24th

the song of the selfie is calling my name 🙈

Bad, bad stir fry.

One questionable cut of meat can ruin a whole dish.

Also, I put way too much ginger in the marinade.

I am hanging my head in shame. And heating up a Trader Joe’s frozen lasagna for myself. Chris was a trooper and ate his plate and told me it was good… But I know he was lying to make me feel better.

Going to make some cookies to recover my self worth..

Everyone has seen this book around. I feel like it is on display on its shelf at the bookstore, people have it on their bookshelves at home, and everyone was reading a couple years ago when Oprah made it a Book Club selection.

If you haven’t read it, don’t make the mistake I did and try to read it. Don’t believe the hype. If you have read this, you are LYING TO YOURSELF AND TO ME if you try to tell me this was good. It was not. I couldn’t even finish it. I gave up.

I felt that this book could have been wrapped up at about the 50-60% mark. You know how I decided on this? I had been slogging through this, felt like I must be getting close to the end, checked the progress I had made (thanks, Kindle!), and realized I was only about halfway. The first half is engrossing and easy to follow, but I just felt so bogged down after the halfway point.

There are better books about Africa out there. Better books about the missionary experience, better books about the Congo, better options exist! Don’t waste your time on this. I was skimming through most of the last half, and gave up with about 15% to go.

I know this shouldn’t technically be on my Rose Reads list, but I did read 85% of this book. And I had a lot of feels about it.

Hi! 😌

I remember when Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers came out back in 2001 (ish?) I was at a local used bookstore with my mom and saw this book in the New Releases section. I was fascinated! But didn’t pick it up. 10+ years later, I had promotional credit with Amazon and this had been sitting in my wishlist forever, so I bought it. AND IT WAS WONDERFUL.

I enjoy science writing for non-science-y people. Combined with my sick fascination with gross functions of the body/natural world, I was in heaven reading this. I was grossed out, astonished, and forced to consider my own death and what I’d like done with my body.

Parts of this book were a little dated - I would have liked to see an updated epilogue with some of relevant scientific advancements! But that didn’t detract from the overall enjoyability of the book.

Highly recommended! I really want to read her most recent book, Gulp. Its about the digestive tract, a sort of travelogue of the human body. I’ve also heard Mary Roach on NPR and have loved her interviews, I think she was on nprfreshair last year!


Normally I rely on interstellar phenomena and the colossal scale of the universe to remind me of my own mortality and how little I’ll ever get to see, but now I have Prince George and the fact I’ll likely never see him become King to remind me I’ll be dead in the ground one day.

Since I started working at a historical site, I’ve become a little disillusioned with the idea of pursuing museum studies. I don’t want to be stuck in a collection, shifting through stuff hoping to find a piece of significant stuff! Plus everyone I’ve met has either been snotty about their academic background (like, just shut up we all have college degrees here and unless you went to an Ivy League no one cares, and even then, no one EXTRA doesn’t care) or they’ve been flat out antisocial nerds. Or a combination of both. Ugh.. I just can’t.

I think I’m a great people person, and I like serving a higher purpose, so I’ve been looking into Public Administration masters programs. I could do an emphasis in volunteer management/non-profit leadership. And at UMSL they have elective courses in budget writing and staff evaluation. It’s a public policy program.

But UMSL also has a museum studies program! When I looked at the core classes of that program, all the classes I was most interested in was the more admin aspects of museums. The public policy program allows for an individual emphasis and I was thinking of maybe pulling those museum classes I’m interested in and making my own focus within public admin..

I don’t know if this will come to fruition or not, but I like the options this creates for me career-wise. And academically, I was checking out syllabi for classes offered, and the material didn’t seem too dry or boring. Well, maybe the microeconomics classes and accounting classes seemed like not my cup of tea but who knows?

I really like the idea of being the boss lady of my own non-profit that helps historic places connect with the public/changing world.

My blog exists mostly for neutralangel

He’s my only fan, the only one who ever responds to me..

When I look at my activity it’s just a long list of his name

I’m not pointing it out because I think it’s creepy! I like it.. Better than having no one of my 100+ followers respond

Considering switching my format go a “Dear….” letter format

I need more validation or else I’ll just quit blogging and only tweet

Or I’ll just make an email newsletter for the 3 people actually interested and just shut it all down