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This is a collection of things I come across on the internet. I'm Rose- I read all the time (on my Kindle or real books, whatever). I also watch a lot of TV. Sometimes I write bad haikus or actually blog about my life, I'm a mix of reblogs and my own content.
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Recent College Grad Struggles

I graduated from UCLA in 2013, had my fun in Los Angeles, and now I'm back in Northern California trying to make the best of it.

For 2014 I'm working on a reading project that is basically just me blogging about each book I read this year. To find all my posts in one place, click here

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I would hire me. Anyone would hire me. Right?

off to my interview!

also, really hoping that this huge pimple is a good luck zit, or something like that. It adds character? It doesn’t say- “she’s a wreck of a young adult who can’t even control her acne, why should we hire her and give her actual responsibilities” … right? ugh. acne, man. WHY.

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