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This is a collection of things I come across on the internet. I'm Rose- I read all the time (on my Kindle or real books, whatever). I also watch a lot of TV. Sometimes I write bad haikus or actually blog about my life, I'm a mix of reblogs and my own content.
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Recent College Grad Struggles

I graduated from UCLA in 2013, had my fun in Los Angeles, and now I'm back in Northern California trying to make the best of it.

For 2014 I'm working on a reading project that is basically just me blogging about each book I read this year. To find all my posts in one place, click here

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in other news: My friend sent me this picture today, it’s from when we went to Disneyland in August.

Is it just me, or does everyone get stressed out thinking about how the “bad” toys will never be loved?

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